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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  August 1, 2010 7:00am-9:00am PST

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later if this is kron 4 morning news. >> welcome to to live hours of kron news. something to do with
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the change and the contract's high society meets high security at first daughter's wedding. we have photos. l >> i actually know the mother- in-law of chelsea. marjorie margolis. >> and you still been get them by. >> she's working washington d.c. with me. they are conservatory was the size of our whole house and i tell you. >> nothing like inside gossip. >> we will tell you about some of the worst slum flooding in pakistan in thousands of years we'll have that for you. also news on the gulf >> we've got avi know don't
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sing. abbey the surfing dog coming up. we have amazing video of one of the day in their earliest pooch's on the waves. wait to see what happens. maybe we should for see if it's good surfing weather. >> let's check it out dude. >> actually you could surf on the fog bank. this is downtown san francisco. that should lift anything. >> i think so let's find out from our expert o'brien. >> could sunday morning we have more nice weather to talk about the temperature not too hot while to warm or misplaces in the '80s led concord. those are below average with mostly sunny skies san francisco low 60s san
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jose topping out mid to upper '70s for this afternoon. the fog coming back in for this evening around the rest of the bay area book for mostly sunny skies clouds at the beaches near field to 84 degrees for antioch up to 89 this afternoon livermore 85 and mountain view 73 degrees so all in all of pretty nice day will let you know what's in store for next week. >> san jose this morningspv a mr announcement expected from the firefighters' union about pay and concessions it could save millions of dollars in reinstate lost jobs. it comes to days after the city laid off 49 firefighters the city was forced to close fire station 33 from station 30. we talked to residents. they say if it's not
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reopen it could be catastrophic. >> when you look at the area you can see how close fires have gotten to the houses before their contained. this man's home is 200 yds from a fire that took place early july. >> having been fired department around a corner that whole hill was on fire there was a huge fire there's five trucks there was another one just about half a mile away from here. i don't know what they will do if they shut this one down the nearest one as downtown it will take them 10 to 15 minutes. >> gabriels lives block away four years ago a fire spread all the way to his front door before being contained. he and other neighbors say the station last year from enclosed. he knows how crucial emergency response is. >> i have two young children
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there's a lot of children around here i lost my niece five years ago shrews to yourself she choked the reason we lost her is because of response time three minutes-tenants that difference made all the difference in the world in my family's life. this will work against. >> he says the residents didn't know about the station closure until after the decision was made to close that. he will continue to fight to keep the station open. >> they didn't give us the opportunity to frustrating it can here to help lead the charge for the station. >> to southern california fire fighters are getting more ground on the wildfire that continues to burn near palmdale. it is now 87 percent contained as of this morning it stirred almost 22 square miles of dry brush no
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buildings have been threatened. there is an air quality alert because of the smoke. >> the gulf oil spill looks like a thick sludge. new details on current chemical disbursement. they say the coast guard route to only waved a directive to limit the use of the disbursements. it shows they per approved 74 waivers allowing companies to use thousands of gallons of toxic chemicals a day. long-term affects our and our aunt known. federal regulators have a band on fishing. >> more than once thousand people in pakistan have been killed by flooding their an estimated 1 million people have
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been affected emergency workers a disruption is massive and devastating. rescue workers are struggling to save 27,000 people who are still trapped by the raging water. most of the people killed were swept away in monsoon rains. the worst flooding since 1929. >> silted stilted, a tradition missing for several years but it's coming back chinatown's a live look aside from walnut creek this time around we expect plenty of sunshine and a high of 83 degrees there forecast coming up. >>
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we are back at a tent the economy stutters and it could be the expert at making it worse some say odds are they will not see its second recession coming soon but there are those adding
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fuel to the fire appeared some people suspect back-to-back recessions anything that rattles consumer confidence could undercut the economy hopes. >> chinatowns tradition is back. taking a look that some last night's ceremony opening night the that was stopped for a while because of the city funding but now the market will be open every saturday night through the beginning of october each week will slope showcase chinese culture. >> that the county 40 people were arrested for allegedly cockfighting. there were two dead birds part of the road was shut down because so many people were fleeing the scene when
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deputies arrived. >> still had hundreds of bicyclist forcing details the >> a live look outside a bit of doom and gloom. we will check gone rather coming up. >> [ female announcer ] jobs leaving.
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it's better for you. you see, this is a morningstar farms® meatless griller. that's right, meatless. and it tastes as good as it looks. so you can still enjoy that grilled-burger taste you love... and everything that comes with it. morningstar farms® grillers® original. [ indistinct conversations ] now that's more like it. [ ding! ] crystal and because of an organized by cried. involves 15 riders 1500 riders. between stonehenge and palomas road. >> you saw the heavy fog and out there. i don't know spikelet
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riders like that. lots of the cloud cover there. >> brieux's enjoying a look from mt. tam camp. >> did sunday morning a nice day today the beaches cloudy skies and cool like it has been but for the best rest of the bay area sunshine for this afternoon readings '60s-'70s. today the fog this morning than the sun typical summertime weather here for tomorrow more of the same 60s bayside '80s and lend the of fog giving way to sun all the way through next week and next weekend i don't see any changes more the same with the morning clouds the afternoon sun temperatures remaining below average typically those numbers upper 80s low 90s we will stay in the
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mid low to mid '80s for much of this week at the beaches today clearly cloudy sunday margin from sanicle occurs when some of the ocean 10-20 mi. an hour temperatures staying cool all the fog and wind will struggle to get out of the '50s and a lot of places point raised to 56 degrees here is future cast temperature starting at the date when she wins coming in from the ocean temperature is struggling to warm up. '50s and '60s here. he's bay the bar the south of san jose all getting into the '80s at the rise '60s and '70s by the bay san jose mid to upper '70s this afternoon. warmer spots in up around 80 for
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sonoma said rows of mostly sunny skies vallejo 71 coast red dress 60 degrees. san francisco into c,gv)+c! 60s high of 62 '70s foe
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launches its fifth satellite into space it's part of the the stations interest shropshire the device monitors natural disasters the system will be capable of providing global navigation services. >> 819 let's turn it over to c,gv60 c,gv1pp>> women introduce you ty c,gv1pabbey and her c,gv)+pvno carrier ringconnect 2400 
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wow. gnarly shot of the dog! can a dog actually serve on its own? not only is it not take we have the dog here to testify to the legitimacy of the video. this is abbey the servant job lives in san diego along with your system. michael story about abbey the servant of is amazing this is not geared dog it was born to surf can you explain how this came about. abby can we get you to stay awake through the segment?
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>> abbey was a throw away from the humane society rescued her from someone throwing our way. >> you adopted her? and she had problems. >> she's very scared and withdrawn she was the only dog i know that was afraid of squirrels. l (laughter) she needed a big confidence boost. we found dogs being athletic animals the best thing to do is on through sports. >> so they tried baseball, football, cricket. chess. somehow you discovered >> serving. i swim a lot this our board was a joke the first time i put a rocket she routed and. >> there she is working out. i'm
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guessing you brought her on the board with you and she got the deal from it because you're a good server. she >> john done herself we pushed it and thinking issuance jump off of it and swim but she caught it. she likes to jump on things. >> she must learn some from you right? >> action at all serve very well. >> watch carefully she has picked a nice line here. what other sports dishyl practice. >> pair gliding pair trying climbing trees she is amazing dog. our rescue dog is full of surprises. >> it looks like a big big deal but actually you say she is using skill in terms of moving back towards the fords and she's learned to cheat a bit. >> she found that if you were
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walking toward on the board shall go faster. a good morning. that's right as the wave. (laughter) issues tired shows the back on the mortgage notes at a pullout as well. >> she's an you're talking about me. >> this is a feat that has rarely been seen on live television but we will watch at the amount the board watched carefully. >> on your board and around. good girl. >> the lessons here it's cute as the dickens but the real thing is about rescue dogs.
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>> she was from the main society and we have come back to support their annual summer wine and music festival of the fund- raiser for the facility to help us take care of animals. >> q talk about how every rescue dog is all potential. >> abbey is amazing because we've done a lot through sports but all rescue dogs have the potential to amaze and surprise people when you get a dog don't be discouraged if they need help because as you can see they turn out to be made it amazing creatures. >> abbey is about as sweet as a dog as i've ever seen she's a sweetheart. today you can meet at the issue bringing it to this event? >> get she is bringing me and i'll help her take pictures.
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>> today from 1-6:00 p.m. in my it humane society silicon valley milpitas. abbey you are than the earliest dog i ever met. >> how would you describe abbey. >> will we shoot down the way of which out cowabunga. >> cowabunga we will be right back. @@sr
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live from the bay area new station this is kron 4 morning news. >> 830 taking a look outside this morning at san jose they too are looking at some fog and the morning weather. >> let's check out what the day's going to look like the rest of the day.
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>> good sunday morning to you latinize whether to talk about tempters not too hot miles to warm warmest place is getting into the days readings below average with mostly sunny skies san francisco just managing low 60s in san jose topping out mid to upper '70s for this afternoon the fog coming back again for this evening around the rest of the bay area is mostly sucks on a sky 80 santa rosa, pair of field 84, antioch of tnt 89 this morning. madam vie mountain vie >> our wrongs for ministry says they should stand trial for illegally crossing the borders on saturday people across the country held rallies demanding
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their release. some of the video from washington this weekend marked one year since shame ours sarah and josh were detained by authorities dahlin reports from the san francisco rallied. >> they chanted for hikers freedom about 50 demonstrators marched through the mission district demanding the release of the three graduates. or call in for their freedom. many are friends of them. the three former bay area residents are accused of being spies. these demonstrators say it's been a tough year and a tougher year for their friends locked up in iran. >> the difficulty is we don't know what they're going through we don't have information. they
8:33 am
even have less information about >> their own >> she finds it ironic that her childhood friend is jailed in a country that she escaped from. >> is so huge and the fact that nobody in my second grade class would be my friend except for sarah i remember was crying because i didn't know what the teacher was asking me to today and that's house ceremony and that's she said will you be my best friend. >> she said she will do whatever it takes to help her friend and the two other hikers. >> i know they will be released but for their mental and physical state it happens quickly. >> fire occurs in southern california hope to gain more judeo. kron 4 is ready,
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>> this is a shot of the fire of u.s. firefighter is intentionally setting a backfire to keep flames away from homes. the next total deputies believe this flames devoured parts of elizabeth lake road. this is to have to be where another wildfire has been burning if you look closely you can see a bulldozer pushing the trade being consumed by flames. this one was snapped in the same location. add tier and her fawn are the burned out canyon where residents were evacuated and 22 homes were destroyed. this plane is dropping fire retardant where yet another wild fire was sparked saturday morning. so far a dozen acres have burned while
8:35 am
talking to the media friday gov. schwarzenegger emphasize that although we are in a budget crisis protecting the public is a priority. >> even though there is a budget crunch everyone should be assured we have the money always available to fight those fires for any disasters that happen in california. public safety is number one party. >> rigid and more kron 4 news to >> ac transit drivers will have to wait till monday to find out whether they will have to continue working under contract imposed by the agency. ac transit officials accuse them of participating in six notes forcing cancellation some bus delays. the union says workers should be able to work under their old contract which drivers prefer until they come to an agreement with the agency. >> drivers commuting have their
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own age to be lame. drivers to sign up for fast-track account will get its $10 to hold credit to use on the ice 680 express lane that is set to open next month. only solo motorists will be required to pay the toll car pulls some hybrid vehicles and transit vehicles and motorcycles will continue to have free access to that line. the credit cannot be used towards bridge tolls for more information call or visit participating businesses. >> everyone is wondering how much did this wedding cost. we are having the latest hedgers of the big wedding of chelsea clinton. what she warm water parents had to say. coming up. >> we know what she wore a wedding dress.
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>> very foggy site not too much traffic will bear it
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authorities looking for three convicted murderers who escaped from the state prison. officials say the trio was last seen wearing orange jumpsuits. they escaped friday by cutting all will throw thousands. that's in golden valley arizona 8 they kidnap to truck drivers and use the big grid to get away. the drivers were released on market police say this woman helped them escape. >> it's all over but the cleanup chest chelsea clinton is the missus. after months of speculation this is one of the few but those made public after the ideas. so we get to see the
8:41 am
address its design by their way. she'd married her longtime boyfriend in a time back new york at an exclusive the state. >> the official photos day of pure happy and relaxed as does the clintons. spectacular outdoor ceremony happened at since ansett overlooking the hudson river. if you look closely at the border grabs you pick up other details like cascading crumples down in front of the downed it was designed by a beer wagon sparkles around the waist and some sort of the belt or sash around the down. the gown worn by mrs. clinton appears to be burgundy in color designed by oscar de la renta and it was interfaith the groom
8:42 am
is jewish and chelsea is methodist appeared after this that i do is they're released a statement the red we watch with great pride and overwhelming emotion as charles c. and mark wet in a beautiful ceremony. we could not have passed for more perfect day. in the end of the couple got what were they after privacy. for the most part. and a dream wedding. runback n.y.. >> up for six figures to $5 million people were speculating. >> to was there diamides ok. >> house speaker staying far away from the fraud investigation will have that coming up. >> a lot look at the toll plaza
8:43 am
looks gloomy all their we will check on your forecast coming looks gloomy all their we will check on your forecast coming up.
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a live look outside you can see the bay bridge in the background shrouded in the dog at least part of it anyway. >> yes seeing is the operative word. >> good sunday morning and i stay on the way today beaches well cloudy skies and cool just like it has been for the rest of the bay area sunshine this afternoon ratings topping out in the '60s-'70s bayside. today we have the fog this morning and the sunshine typical summertime weather here. pour tomorrow more of the same 60s bayside '80s inland of fog giving way to some all the way for next week into next weekend i don't see any changes more of the same
8:47 am
with morning clouds afternoon sun temperatures remaining below average typically those numbers in the apparatuses lower 90s we will stay in the mid low to mid 80's through much of the week. at the beaches today barely clouded this sun emerging for santa cruz the highs upper 60s winds off the ocean and temperatures remaining cool all of fog and winds struggling to get out of the '50s and many places. point reyes 56 degrees here future cast temperatures starting out at the day. onshore winds coming off the ocean fog it as well. 10 a.m. '50s and '60s here, through the day warmers locations east bay the far reaches of the north bay here north of santa rosa and
8:48 am
south of san jose getting into the 80s otherwise '60s and '70s by the bay san jose mid to upper '70s this afternoon. warm response of around 80 for sonoma and santa rosa mostly sunny skies. coast right around 60 degrees these are the maximum temperatures san francisco up into the low 60s high of 62 '70s for the peninsula '60s here around oakland to san leandro berkeley high of 6574 fremont is the warmest temperatures in east bay not really all that warm mid '80s not unusual this time of year to see numbers easily into the '90s. very comfortable temperatures and a beautiful day and if you like the way the weather is you will enjoy this forecast because it is pretty much a carbon copy all the way through next weekend morning
8:49 am
clouds late morning sunshine and temperatures low to mid-80s inland mid to upper 60s near the bay of for fifties that the coast. >> let's check back with henry. >> so what does the word mantra green mane. by the way what is a motion. fascinating called weird and wonderful words we love stuff like this we will take a look at fabulists language coming up.
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so let's try companion. >> somebody break bread with. trivia 3 it's about we talk about at the cross roads. mus
8:53 am
one of the inspiration for the cars nine muses is the daughter of memory. >> he is a treasure trove of knowledge about words he has written a book fabulous browsing book. many of the word in here have local connections. what is the fascination with words. >> growing up in a family there read books together. on friday and saturday nights my family would turn off the television and we would read homer melville. if we came across the word we didn't know you'd turn to dad and mom what did that mean and they would say go look it up. in that gave me a lifelong aspiration to looking up. >> half the fun is finding more
8:54 am
the words come from. i carefully planned this could noodles. do know about crinoline. canoodle >> ago led i don't know it's an alternative to snuggle. to canoodle is to spew chopped to somebody because of the bakery term to ned the bill. so you snuggle and when you figgers markets canoodling. >> how about boondocks. >> that's where we live? >> a would catbird catcher. it's a word that comes backpack from
8:55 am
the soldiers in world war two who escaped the baton death march. the mountains are called boondocks they come back to america and say where were you i was in the for this reaches of civilization and i was in the boondocks. >> how many words are there in here. i've been collecting these for 57 years. >> some of the words you've never heard of by the way. for example mondegreens. >> impulsive we all have when we have been using the wrong lyrics and a song. so grooving i thought it was you and me and lesley. but it's you and me
8:56 am
endlessly. >> what is the word for the rumbling of a stomach. ? >> i don't know but i'm feeling it. >> i like getting kids excited about have you ever wanted to rejoin and talk about the rumbling in your coming on thanksgiving when dinner is further and further away. >> one of the beautiful things are these words they're so poetic that they sound like what they describe like murmur. >> polls are taken every year when your favorite words what words you love the most? many
8:57 am
begin with that letter am. murmur, mellon. >> we have 32nd bid been set. >> the sputnik satellite with the beach generation. shanghai was describing that with the captains did when they seized sailors in chinatown to take them back on the ship all dried up so they would wake up halfway to shanghai. >> embalmer. >> be used to be called the paradise of bombers people who spend their lives loathing. you would like to hear more about or capture phil will appear september 5th at byrd and beckett books in san francisco. he will speak at the travel food
8:58 am
have toggery conference. a future word >> spend your funds. >> party with this been more fun. >> it's like an indoor fan. >> it's when you feel good spending money. it's a shopping high. >> also the woman sturm. (laughter) >> big announcement from the firefighters dozens turn in gear this weekend because of budget cuts. >> first the level cows side at sfo activity on the runway there are no delays.
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this is bubbling up. it's fermenting. it looks so delicious well. >> all i've looked san francisco the fog is lifting we looked about half an hour ago lower in the skyway that fog. >> let's find out if it will lift for good today. >> good sunday morning to the first day of august more nice weather to talk about temperatures not too hot mulled to warm the warmest place in concord below average mostly sunny skies san francisco managing low 60s san jose in mid
9:03 am
to upper '70s for this afternoon the fog coming back and for this evening the rest of the bay area of mostly sunny skies clouds at the beaches 84 in fairfield for antioch the warmest place in the bay area 89 this afternoon livermore 85 am mountain view 73 degrees all in all a nice day. we'll show you the seven day coming up. >> san jose major announcement from the firefighters' union about pay and benefit concessions. it's a move that could save the city millions of dollars and reinstate the lost jobs. the announcement comes two days after the city lays off 49 firefighters cities also forced to close firefighter 33 it had an engine from station 30. it is
9:04 am
not reopen result could be catastrophic. >> when the lookit the areas you can see how close fires got to the fact houses before there were contained this man's home was 200 yds from fire that took place in july. >> a couple of be weeks ago that whole hill was on fire you can see from here but on the other side there was a huge fire five trucks there was another one just about half a mile away from here. i don't know what they will do if they shut this one out the next there's one is close to downtown. >> it's pretty scary >> gave lives as luckily for station 33 years of fire all the way to his front door what before was contained they help save the station from closure last year he knows before moving here are crucial response time is. >> i have too young when
9:05 am
children a lot of families with younger children and i lost money five years ago she was 2 years old she joked the reason we lost her was because response time that the difference between three minutes and 10 minutes made all the difference in the world in my niece's life and my family's life. and this is what we are against. he will continue to fight to have the station reopened when one atop the city council but they didn't give us an opportunity so it's frustrating and here to help lead the charge to fight this these guys need to be here. >> firefighters and gaining more ground on the wild fire the continues to burn north of los angeles hellfire says it is 87 percent contained as of this morning its charge nearly 22 square miles of brush however no
9:06 am
buildings are threatened. this will also triggered an air quality alert. >> the gulf oil spill looks pretty much like thick sludge new details about the oil disperse been released. congressional investigators say the coast guard has routinely waved a directive limiting the use of the of the disparate disbursement. documents show the class start coast guard approved waivers allowing oil companies to use thousands of gallons of chemicals the day. despite the concerns about disbursement federal regulators have lifted bans on fishing in 13 square miles of the gulf saying the fish uncontested and our safety. >> pakistan 1000 people have been killed by flooding there an estimated 1 million people have been affected. emergency workers a destruction of the massive and
9:07 am
devastating rescue workers struggled to save 27,000 people who are trapped by the raging water. most of the people were killed were swept away in monsoon rains. some of those worst flooding in 80 years. >> still ahead authorities in napa break up a cockfight.
9:08 am
"meg whitman says she'll run california like her company..." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behind jerry brown. they want jerry brown because, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento.
9:09 am
he'll be the same as he ever was. high taxes. lost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests have chosen their governor. how about you?
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in his snug and it to a and and and we're talking where they arrested nearly 40 people for participating in a cock fight. they found at least two birds and so many people were fleeing
9:11 am
the scene when deputies arrived >>they are looking for a suspect after hewwas attacked. he was walking through the park by him self,43 people have been detained >>the night market is in china dis totrict. the event was stopped over the years and now it is open every saturday night. and juan >>som labor to the news to towhen we come back between the ac transit and the unti. it
9:12 am
might mean even more delays >>we will have a full foreca when andst. look at that fog on the san mateo bridge >>more when we come back home how
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9:14 am
9:15 am
>> welcome back. this is a view from mount tam cam >>good sunday morning to you, a nice sunny day on the way, sunshine this afternoon, in the warmest inland areas. we have the fgog and then the sunshine, 60s baysde 80s inland, all the way into next weekend, more the same with the
9:16 am
morning clouds, temperatures maintinag below average. we are going to stay into low 90s, the sun emerging from santa cruz, temperatures remainging cool, sturggling to get out of the 50s here is future cast your are looking at temperatures starting at 10, 50s and 60s, the 50s ain blure, 60s in green, the far reaches of the bay are all
9:17 am
getting into 80s, san jose reaching the uper 80s this afternnoon. vallejo reaching 51, the maximum temperatures in upper 60s, berkely has a high of 55 degrees these are the warmest temperatures tin the east bay, it is not unusal to see 90s at this time in year. if you lioke the way the waeather is you will enjy this forecast, temperatures
9:18 am
in the low 80's upper 60s at the bay >>thank you brian, nancy is distanceing herself and they are saying she is qupte out of the loop like probiding official favcours, >>and the nations economy
9:19 am
you ahold got solid spirit fixed address a single exit undercut this recovery else. >> the device is monitoring among other things the system will be capable of providing global navigation services by the year 2020. >> checking in with henry he's been a dallas with senior guard appeared >> ladies and gentleman the jury heard. this is a symbol of something delicious the you can make. the makings of parsley wind we will tell you how you can gray wind and delicious food from your garden.
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but global delicious parsley 1 be created on our set. it is party time after the show. what you're looking and is a fermentation process. it will be parsley wind you are wondering what is all that stuff in there. fortunately we have the author of each your yard. she arrived with the street. when did you start this? >> about 11:00 last night that up with this morning put it together. it is popping away. >> boiled of parsley to of the
9:24 am
jews there's orange juice lemon the crucial ingredient sugar and east. >> and ye make grass wind. like lawn grass. the plane clipped scared me. >> if your in california they c,gv)+pvzsé÷hzj c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz4.w >> the premise of the book >> you don't have cabman an ugly uncapped vegetable plot you cannot beautiful trees and shrubs and harvest the goodies. >> some of the things you savor the most >> the crabapple that's a surprise. it make crabapple wine and jelly. >> the should be drunk your yard
9:25 am
not your jarred yard. >> a good jelly on turkey in make some great plays. >> roses there something you don't think of. >> you can have rose hips for your vitamin c. >> how which do. >> dry them are boiled among american jews and mentally. the pedals are nutty. >> the delaunay the roses. >> they taste like flowers. >> the more heirloom stall would taste better. like a hybrid tea. >> some of the high breads don't smell like anything so they
9:26 am
wouldn't taste. >> what other plans to recommend planting. >> lavender, her spirit >> put lavender in the marinade. uses in sugar and have lavender sugar or salt it's in antiseptics opening a first-aid kit. >> the first best-selling first aid kit in town. >> you brought a bottle of wine. >> rice wine. your not running one rice paddy near your area. >> use store-bought and race. >> pass be >> brown rice> this has been sitting in my car for two weeks so not sure it's going to be goodbye you never know. >> we will experiment right here homemade rice wine saute i
9:27 am
call it saki to me. >> i notice you're pouring one glass here. >> because you're afraid of being poisoned. >> i merely said if i did wind. >> you can taste the car trip. but. >> a little fergie. is it just race in there? ladies and gentlemen you wouldn't want by this at a store. i don't remember the last time i had a wine maker and said it's awful. >> if you would like to move me and then she will cook at the
9:28 am
farmers' market august 7th and then omnivore books august 8th, august 9th third and second books in san francisco. then she drives back to home north carolina. the book is called each your yard. are we going back to marty or my taking it to break. doug mcconnell will be back with us when we come back. cheers. ñóñóóó?i6
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this is kron 4 morning news. >> it is 930 we are back here this sunday morning taken alive look outside san jose still has overcast but it should lift. >> should be nice around the bay. let's find out for sure
9:31 am
from brian. >> good sunday morning on the first day of august nice weather to talk about temperatures not too hot. mild to warm the warmest place is '80s in concord. below average with mostly sunny skies san francisco just managing to get into the low 60s. mid to upper '70s for the fog coming back in for this evening or on the rest of the bay mostly sunny skies clouds that the beaches 80 santa rosa of fairfield 84 for antioch the warmest place 89 this afternoon of our 85 month view 73. all in all a nice day. i will let you know what's in store for next week later on. >> are runs for ministry says uc. should stand charges on saturday people across the
9:32 am
country held rallies demanding the release. all look now video just one of these vigils. this one in washington d.c.. this weekend is one year since shane, shocked sarah, her josh were detained. >> they chanted for the hikers freedom. 50 demonstrators marched demanding the release of three uc berkeley residents. many are friends of cerus shane's and joshes they are accused of being u.s. spies. after arresting them along the iraqi border. these demonstrators say it's been a tough year for them and cover for their friends locked up. >> the difficulty is we don't know what they're going through we don't have the impression.
9:33 am
they have even left less information about your own situation. it is difficult. >> is it ironic her childhood friend is jailed in the country her family escaped from >> the irony of that is so huge and the fact that no one in my second grade class would be my friend except sarah is huge. i remember i was crying because i didn't understand what the teacher was asking monday and that's how i met sarah. she walked into the bathroom to wash my face and i was crying and she said will you be my best friend. >> she says she will do whatever it takes to help free your friend and to other hikers. >> i know they will be released but i hope for their mental and physical safety it will happen quickly. >> in san francisco dalian kron 4 news. >> fire crews hoping to gain more ground on a wildfire burning north of l.a.. the
9:34 am
blazes charge nearly 22 square miles of brushed it is now 87 percent contained and is no longer a threat and dallas. rigid kumar has pictures. >> southern california wild fires earlier in in this is a backfire to keep the flames away from thomas. the next total firefighters leaving as flames approached this road. if you look closely in the picture right here you can see a bulldozer pushing over the story being devoured by flames. in the newsroom rigid, more kron 4 news >> san francisco police are looking for more suspects this morning after a man was stabbed and robbed in delors part in half and early saturday morning police say up to a dozen people. he was hospitalized with life- threatening injuries seven people were detained three
9:35 am
arrested on charges including attempted murder. >> drivers commuting have their own age of the lane starting today drivers to sign up for fast-track account are going to get a tan color told credit to use on t i 680 express that will open next month only so long motorists will pay the electronic toll carpels and hybrids with a valid stick her and motorcycles will continue to have free access to the to be named. the credits cannot be used for bridge tolls for a corporation called or visit participating businesses like safeway. >> drivers of ac transit will wait until tomorrow if i know whether they have to continue working under contract it was imposed by the agency is the transit officials are accusing workers of participating in sick notes that have forced us delays and cancellations for riders. drivers union says workers
9:36 am
should be allowed to work rendered their old contract which it erfurt. until they can come up with an agreement with ac transit. >> still ahead bp will have explaining to do after being able to write off one-third of its cost in the gulf oil spill. c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz4éq another livee c,gv)+pvzsé÷hzn golden gate ad
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9:39 am
kron form news weekend arizona authorities are looking for three convicted murderers who escaped these are the mud shots. the trio was last seen wearing orange prison jumpsuits they cut all hole through a perimeter fence in golden valley they kidnapped to truckdrivers at gunpoint using the big red to get away. the drivers were released unharmed this woman help them escape. >> alive look at the gulf oil
9:40 am
spill a murky look for new details about the chemical oil disbursements' released documents show coast guard approved 74 waivers over 48 days allowing oil companies to use thousands of gallons of toxic chemicals. the long-term effects are unknown despite concern federal regulators have a list bay and fishing and sang the fish have been tested and are saved seed. kron out rage over the plan to write off billions of dollars of costs related to this bill. >> bp is telling its cost of the gulf oil spills to be $32 billion that is the amount the company is taking as a pre tax charge to cover damages over the next few years. i have the amount. bp is also planning
9:41 am
offset at third of that as a tax write-off. florida senator firing off letters to his colleagues says he is appalled that bp intends to shift nearly 10 billion of the cost to the backs of the american taxpayers. lester b. p. paid 10 and a half billion dollars in taxes worldwide. >> it's unacceptable to have the tax payers bear the burden of $10 billion as a result of the negligence of bp. for them to be able to write off as deductible expenses $32 billion which is going to give them $10 billion tax break that's just simply not playing fair. >> bp is doing is perfectly legal. they cannot write off fines or penalties but the $20
9:42 am
billion each piece set aside in an escrow plus additional cost are all very game. in a statement to cnn they said bp is following the u.s. tax code with respect to the income tax treatment of taxes are paid on profit the gulf costs have reduce bp's u.s. profits so it follows our tax obligations will be lower as well. that has not blunted the out rage the watchdog group accuses bp of exploiting the tax code. >> it has been very costly to the nation. you're looking at them avoiding accountability and hang everything they owe to taxpayers for the damage they've done. >> cnn washington. >> another familiar face joining as c'mon in.
9:43 am
>> the looks like generate. >> he was late he not lost on some back roads it his fault. doug will be joining us he will tell us about some of his favorite road trip coming up on kron 4 and your fault.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
we have this guest here km. doug is talking about his favorite back roads in this case his five favor road trips. he's doing it show called. his work in environmental programs. >> to of the nonprofits i admire
9:47 am
and respect a quorum of the bay has joined together and affiliated to nonprofits affiliated doing education this is the aquarium down by pier 39 at a great place to go to see what life is like below the surface of the bay. the salvation go to see what a beautiful spot this is a great place to be inspired and educated. what we will do is talk about some of my favorite road trips. from the sierra to the delta and ocean. stopping at the aquarium along the way. >> that would be one of the stops. >> one of the great things to do is take a walk from the giants baseball park all the way around the water's edge. that's a trail not really. that is another
9:48 am
wonderful thing to do 300 mi. of paved trails a great place to be by the water's edge see wildlife to learn about nature see richest red beard >> you could start anywhere near the bay. could a berkeley this is down by hayward agrees spot to ride a bike along the trail. great place to see circumnavigate the bay. >> what is the status of the bay life with a bicycle. is it completed. >> it is not come pleated it will be 500 mi. but right now it's 300 mi.. you can go see their registration light of the marshlands really coming back. >> it is remarkable islands of the bay. >> there is alcatraz and love to see the great islands there's
9:49 am
alcatraz many of us don't get there. >> i had a great room from this place you should see the view but the service is awful. >> can't reynolds the military force. great camping. and the immigration station. this is brooke silent. it's right off the shore of richmond you have to go by cut guided tour. the kayak and its wildlife refuge. you get to see birds of the bay. >> you have to do with the guide. >> you can't just go there you get great views out there you can learn about being crosby and his colleagues had this island as a place to go hunting and carousing. >> there are still in action to whisky bottles. how would you find a guide? >> loaded the regional park district and they will connect you with the people who lead the
9:50 am
taurus. >> sam monkeying whatever the second largest river starts in the sierra. drive by devils. gets impounded downstream by damn and then downstream it begins to flow here's a great story. thanks to the bay institute this river was died it was dry most of the time now the water must be impounded in the river 15-20 percent of it. if you do xerarch being reborn it is connected to the delta. mixture this from the high sierra all the way down. it is very inspirational >> today force it to release it. >> 15-20% now must go into the
9:51 am
river that will bring the salmon that. its a great story. >> speaking of reverse sacramento river. >> there you see it coming out of the ground just below the mountain. it flows down there's another great view of castle crags. >> i assumed a lot of it was snowbelt. >> it is no bill but also springs. it flows through the central valley this is the state park. you can see wildlife close to the extraordinary river this bill unless sam keen continues to flow it's a beautiful place. get into the bay see all the wonderful stuff. you get this whole connection all the way through the valley to see. if you learn about this region in
9:52 am
you learn to love it any take care of it. >> how long of a truck. >> five hours mount shasta and joy time up there working way down you could do it in a day. the problem is and a few days. i spent 05 days took my time coded test the lake. down the river its great. >> bay for more reform. thank-you, very much always a pleasure. >> i love it here lobbying with you guys. it's in my domain. >> will be right back and we come back will say goodbye. that's where duties.
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here's one muckrake not changing we are frozen in time. expecting to be 86 already the fog is lifting. >> south bay san jose low 80s expecting to be the highs there. >> taking a look at this 7 day eighties around the bay today to those in the 60s along the coast for that fog likes to hang out. eighties through the week so should be decent work week for many folks. c,gv)+pvzsé÷hznsual. s lower c >> i think all go to the coast.c and here's chelsea clinton after months of speculation finally this is one of the few photos made public following the ideas. beautiful by vera wang. this
9:57 am
was and run back n.y. exclusive this day were the weather was great. >> do we know where the honeymoon is? >> no we don't know. >> we had a surfing dog today fermented wine now the swimming ponies it was the pony swim off the coast of eastern virginia and the island is known for its pony's they will be part of an auction to benefit the fire department. >> that will wrap things up for us thank you for joining. >> into for watching we will see you next weekend at 7:00.
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